Wimbledon 2013 Women’s Finals Sabine Lisicki VS Marion Bartoli – POST MATCH THOUGHTS

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Marion Bartoli passing time in other Activities after Retirement

Marion Bartoli has indulged herself in various activities after her retirement from professional tennis.

She has been doing her designing work as well as commentating for a couple of networks.

Life is good for Bartoli at the moment.

Recently, she was in India to promote a marathon and she talked to a leading newspaper there.

In that interview, she was quoted as speaking, “I have been here in India a few times before and I have loved my time here. It’s a beautiful country. I haven’t got the opportunity to travel around that much, but, whatever I have seen, I have liked that.” Read more »

Francesca Schiavone vs Marion Bartoli 2011 RG Highlights

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Marion Bartoli – Best French Tennis Player

Marion Bartoli is a former professional tennis player from France and a former Grand Slam winner.

The Frenchwoman was the 2013 Wimbledon champion, having previously finished as a runner up in 2007 and also finished as the runner up in the French Open in 2011. She also won eight singles titles on the WTA as well as three in doubles.

Bartoli became famous for her unorthodox playing style which saw her use both her hands while playing forehand and backhand shots and this has seen her develop a cult following among the tennis fraternity. In January 2012, Bartoli reached a career high ranking of seven in the WTA rankings and returned to the same spot after winning her first Grand Slam title in 2013.

Marion Bartoli reached at least the quarter final stage of each of the Grand Slam events she has contested in throughout her career and her win at Wimbledon made her only the sixth player in the history of the Open Era to win a Grand Slam final without dropping a single set throughout the event.

Bartoli also created history in 2011 when she played in the finals of both the WTA Tour Championship and the WTA Tour of Champions in the same year, a feat that hasn’t been matched since.

The Frenchwoman was one of the most hard hitting players on the circuit during her prime and many considered her aggressive style of play very similar to that of Serena Williams as Marion Bartoli became one of the first proponents of power tennis in the women’s game in the early 2000s but she never reached the heights that Williams managed to reach with several injuries playing a major role in cutting short her career when she retired in 2013 immediately after winning the title at Wimbledon.


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“Women should the the same prizing sum!” says Bartoli

Marion Bartoli has said that the women should also get the same prizing sum that the men get in the game of tennis.

As far as the Grand Slams are concerned, there is no difference in the prizing sum of the men and the women. The winners and the runners-up from both the categories get the same amount of money, but, it’s not the case in the other competitions.

Some critics believe equal prizing sum for all would not be fair to the men because they have to play 5 setters instead of women who always play only 3 setters. If the women have to get as much as the men get, they should also be asked to play 5 setters.

Bartoli, however, doesn’t like that idea. She reckons that a female’s body is not built to take the toll of 5 sets. She, in fact, wants a reduction in the no. of sets in male’s category.

According to Bartoli, playing 5 sets regularly is one of the main reasons why some of the male tennis stars are getting injured quite regularly.

Yesterday, Bartoli was quoted as saying, “Look at somebody like Rafa or even Andy for that matter. These guys have had frequent injuries and it gives you a feeling that playing tennis at professional level is extremely tough.”

“Playing a 5 setter in the title round is fine, but, in the entire competition, it’s pretty tough on the body.”

“So, rather than increasing the no. of sets for women, I think it should be the other way around. There should be a reduction in the no. of sets for men.”

Bartoli was delivering a speech in an event in London where Andy Murray’s mother Judy Murray was also present.