Bartoli Pulls Up Short

Marion bartoli will have to wait for another season before she gets another chance at getting into the lucrative WTA Championships, after pulling out of the Moscow Open in Russia.  Had Bartoli won the competition, she would have won the last remaining spot in the WTA Champs, but instead that place will go to Radwanska.

Marion has had a difficult season, and as it nears its end it was quite clear she was in desperate need of a rest, so maybe this is the best thing for her?

“I think my whole body needed a break,” Bartoli said in a statement. “Yesterday, during my match I didn’t feel very well but I still had energy left so it was enough to win.”

“This morning I had so much pain in my whole body, in my neck… I couldn’t even warm up today. So I knew it would be very difficult.  It has been a very long season and I really tried to play till the very end but that was it for me.”