Marion Bartoli has tweeted a picture of herself undergoing treatment in an Italian clinic.

The retired French star checked herself into a hospital after most of her fans took to social media to express their concern for her continued loss of weight.

Previously, she had vehemently defended her physique claiming it was a result of her obsession with physical work out. She said in an interview:

“I’m completely gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, salt free and everything organic. I eat steamed vegetables, salads.”

Many of her fans have disregarded her claims and begged her to eat more or stop whatever she was doing to remain so thin. She revealed that the reason for her shrinking figure was a virus that prevented her from eating well.

Forty-eight hours after the Wimbledon Ladies Invitation Doubles was withdrawn, she revealed: “I have a virus that my body is fighting. That’s why I can’t eat anything. I am going to have to go to a clinic, in Italy, at the end of Wimbledon.” She added that she believed being in a hospital would be “a good experience.”

In a photograph showing her draped in a sheet on a clinic bed, she gave a victory sign to the camera and captioned the picture: ‘Blood transfer done, on my way to recovery.’ The picture will come as big relief to fans world-wide who watched the previously rounded, healthy star become increasingly gaunt; her arms and legs reduce in size; and looking older than her 31 years.

Within minutes of tweeting to her 84.2 thousand followers, yesterday they were responding with love and wishing her well. Her fans were obviously relieved that the star was on her way to recovery. Bartoli also expressed gratitude to the love showered on her by her fans.