Bartoli Slams Pay Scale Demands of Simon

Leading French women’s tennis player Marion Bartoli has hit back at her male counterpart Giles Simon and his claims that the authorities should think about paying the male tennis players more than their female counterparts.

According to the argument put forward by Simon, the male tennis players spend more time playing on court and moreover, the men’s game is a bigger draw for the fans than the women’s games and the pay scale should be determine by the authorities keeping that in mind.

While elaborating on his argument, Simon put forward evidences of how the men spent a far longer period on court at the recently concluded French Open at Roland Garros, almost twice as long as the women, going on to add that equality in pay scale, particularly in sports is not something that works. He also added that men’s tennis is far more attractive to the fans than the women’s game.

And Marion Bartoli has blasted her compatriot for making these claims, which have already been branded by many as being sexist and against the spirit of the game.

Bartoli, a semi finalist at Roland Garros in 2011 and expected to do well at the Olympics according to the latest tennis betting, has made it clear that there is not a hint of truth in what Simon is saying. She went on to add that the women players give the same effort as their male counterparts while on court and these claims by Simon are nothing but a way to divide the game in terms of gender.

Marion Bartoli clearly stated that the women put in all their efforts, be it in practice or in an actual match situation and invest a lot of time to perfect themselves and hence, there should not be any division between men and women on the basis of time spent on court in a match situation.

At the US Open both males and females receive the same amount of money. Incidentally Bartoli has some of the shortest odds on US Open.