If you are a Marion Bartoli fan and you are thinking that your favourite player would come out of retirement and start playing professional tennis again, there is some bad news for you. The Frenchwoman has made it clear that she is very happy with her post retirement life and she has no plans to be back playing.

Bartoli had stunned the entire tennis world by announcing her retirement just a few weeks after lifting the Wimbledon singles trophy. She participated in a couple of tournaments after her Wimbledon glory and then, called it a day all of a sudden saying that her body couldn’t take the pressure of playing the game at this level any more. However, a few days after that, she had hinted that she might think of making a comeback at some point of time in future, but, the statements that she has given in her most recent interview suggests that her fans would not be able to see her playing again.

Talking to the reporters yesterday, Bartoli said, “I was struggling with so many things towards the end of my career, but, I never let the people know about them.”

“Now, after retiring, I think there is much more calmness in my life. I am a very happy person at the moment.”

Everybody knows that Bartoli has always been very close to her father. He is the man whom she credits the most for whatever she has managed to achieve in her career so far. But, the Frenchwoman wasn’t that close to her mother during her childhood days.

According to Bartoli, her mother used to pay more attention to her brother than her when she was a kid.

When asked about her mother, the current Wimbledon champion said, “She couldn’t give me that much time when I was growing up, but, my father has always been there for me.”