Marion Bartoli fan to return soon

If you are a Marion Bartoli fan and you had started anticipating the return of the Frenchwoman after her recent tweet, you are in for a bit of a disappointment.

Bartoli has no plans to make her way back on the tour.

One of the posts on Bartoli’s Twitter account a few days ago suggested she was missing the game and was looking to come out of retirement.

That post read, “What’s the thinking of you guys? A comeback would be good for me or not?”

A lot of Bartoli’s fans responded to that post of her with some of them urging her to make the comeback, while, the others telling her that she did well by quitting in her prime.

According to Bartoli, it was just a random post and did not mean anything substantial. She was just looking to see what the opinion of the fans was and she got to see that.

Speaking in an event, the veteran said, “You see more people were of the view that I should stay away and I agree to them. Once you retire, it’s over. The idea behind that tweet was just to give the fans the opportunity to express what their point of view is.”

“To be honest, I am mad busy with my business assignments these days and there are even more projects coming up. So, I have settled into my post retirement life and there is no way back.”

Some of the people are still finding it hard to digest Bartoli’s timing of retirement. Just when she seemed to be starting to play her best tennis, she quit the game for the fitness reasons in 2013.

It took everybody aback, Bartoli’s announcement. It was not on the cards at all.