Marion Bartoli passing time in other Activities after Retirement

Marion Bartoli has indulged herself in various activities after her retirement from professional tennis.

She has been doing her designing work as well as commentating for a couple of networks.

Life is good for Bartoli at the moment.

Recently, she was in India to promote a marathon and she talked to a leading newspaper there.

In that interview, she was quoted as speaking, “I have been here in India a few times before and I have loved my time here. It’s a beautiful country. I haven’t got the opportunity to travel around that much, but, whatever I have seen, I have liked that.”

“India has got a bit of tennis talent as well. Some fantastic players have emerged from this part of the world in the recent times. I would like to mention Sania Mirza here. She has done exceptionally well in the doubles category and has won a couple of big tournaments. She must be a big inspiration for the young Indian girls who are aspiring to be professional tennis players in future.”

On her picks for the Australian Open title this year, the Frenchwoman said, “Serena is always the frontrunner if her fitness is good.  Maria would also be there fighting for sure. Her recent form has been brilliant. Apart from these two, somebody like Simona Halep can be the dark horse. That girl has got some spunk in her.”

Bartoli got a bit cheeky when asked how it feels to have the microphone in hand rather than the tennis racquet.

“It’s fun really. People have given me the positive response you see. Some have found my accent quite sexy (giggles). Jokes apart, it’s the game that I have grown up watching and playing and I am totally passionate about it. I love putting forward my views.”