Marion Bartoli has lauded Serena Williams

Marion Bartoli has lauded Serena Williams for dominating the world of Female Tennis for the past so many seasons.

As per Bartoli, the level of consistency that Serena has shown in big competitions, it’s unmatchable. She is one notch above the rest of her contemporaries in terms of class and skill.

Talking to a newspaper, Bartoli said, “Serena is quite different. There are not too many areas where you believe you can attack her when you are up against her. I can tell you that because I have been in that situation a number of times. Having her as opponent on the other side of the court, it’s a nightmare.”

“Over the past decade or so, she has been able to dominate almost everyone. Yes, a few players have challenged on and off. The likes of Maria and Victoria, but, overall if you see, nobody has managed to shake her off her position and that’s because she is not vulnerable on any front.”

“She has got extraordinary potential and that’s why, she just keeps on adding more and more titles to her name. Her consistency is unbelievable.”

Bartoli, however, played down the question if Serena is the greatest female to have ever braced the game of Female Lawn Tennis. Read more »

Marion Bartoli reckons Rafael Nadal is not able to generate the same amount of power

Marion Bartoli reckons Rafael Nadal is not able to generate the same amount of power that he used to generate some time back and that’s the reason his game has gone downhill.

According to Bartoli, pace is a vital aspect of Nadal’s game and he will have to do something to make sure he hits the ball as hard as he did in the past.

Speaking as an expert on a television channel a few days ago, Bartoli said, “Rafael’s shots are just not that powerful anymore and thus, as an opponent, you are not hurried up.”

“If you have a look at the speeds at which he has been serving of late, it’s only around 115 miles which is not enough. It’s desperately needed for him to find that old speed from somewhere.”

When asked if she would still like to keep Nadal in Big 4, Bartoli said, “Well, the kind of game he is playing right now, I would definitely say no. But, what he has done in the past, you have to take that into account as well. He has been absolutely brilliant on the tour over a number of years.”

However, in the views of another former player Pete Sampras, Nadal’s struggle at the moment is more mental than anything else.

In Sampras’ words, “Nadal appears to be anxious when he steps onto the court these days. He is not confident enough and thus, his intimidating capability is slowly fading. The players are now not afraid to take him on.” Read more »

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Marion Bartoli fan to return soon

If you are a Marion Bartoli fan and you had started anticipating the return of the Frenchwoman after her recent tweet, you are in for a bit of a disappointment.

Bartoli has no plans to make her way back on the tour.

One of the posts on Bartoli’s Twitter account a few days ago suggested she was missing the game and was looking to come out of retirement.

That post read, “What’s the thinking of you guys? A comeback would be good for me or not?”

A lot of Bartoli’s fans responded to that post of her with some of them urging her to make the comeback, while, the others telling her that she did well by quitting in her prime.

According to Bartoli, it was just a random post and did not mean anything substantial. She was just looking to see what the opinion of the fans was and she got to see that.

Speaking in an event, the veteran said, “You see more people were of the view that I should stay away and I agree to them. Once you retire, it’s over. The idea behind that tweet was just to give the fans the opportunity to express what their point of view is.” Read more »

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