Dubai didn’t just start out of the sky.

The oil rich country made it a point of duty to invest in something more than oil to complement for the revenue coming in and to serve as a secondary source of income should anything happen to their oil.

Over the years, Dubai has established itself on the map as one of the best places of interest for travelers and tourists as well as for those looking for a place of abode. It has gone on to make a name for itself and a privileged residence for stars of the tennis game.

With skyscrapers crisscrossing a desert of fine sands, palm trees, luxury cars, marinas and artificial islands, Dubai is truly a place to reside in. In recent years, a lot of tennis players have made it their place of residence or vacation spot.

A true tax haven, Dubai has established itself as a privileged residence for tennis stars. On the occasion of the tournament in the city that begins this Monday, February 27, discover the tennis players who reside in this new Eldorado.

And not just that, the Dubai 2017 Tennis Tournament is currently running since Monday February 2017 till Saturday March 4. Dubai throughout that period would thus be a sort of haven for both players and fans of the game alike.

In 2015, Lucas Pouille, new French tennis star settled in the city of the Persian Gulf, at the top of the Cayan Tower. Marion Bartoli, a compatriot of his also packed his suitcases and now resides in the Grosvenor tower.

10 years ago, Roger Federer became the first tennis player to choose the capital of the emirate as his residential place. Part of the year, Federer stays in a building christened “Le Reve” while his main residence remains in his native country.