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Marion Bartoli And Her Glamorous Affairs

Marion Bartoli is a name associated with fashion and glamor as much as it is associated with world tennis.

Marion’s journey is an interesting one. Being provoked by a comment of a BBC commentator that she would never be much of a looker, she decided to address the issue. As a result, she succeeded in dropping about two and a half stone of weight. The comment had sparked a lot of controversies, especially protests against such sexist comments. Even though apologies were issued and the situation diffused, Marion did not let the comment lie. Even though she won the Wimbledon championship title in 2013 she wanted to show the world that she did not lag behind in looks as well.

She took up a new regime in fitness. As a result, today she sports a remarkable figure that is hard to ignore. She has the lean frame that any model flaunts, but she combines the same with strength and endurance that is needed in her game. You might have seen pics of her, having had an extensive makeover. She has dropped a lot of pounds and it has transformed her looks as well. Read more »

Marion Bartoli reckons Rafael Nadal is not able to generate the same amount of power

Marion Bartoli reckons Rafael Nadal is not able to generate the same amount of power that he used to generate some time back and that’s the reason his game has gone downhill.

According to Bartoli, pace is a vital aspect of Nadal’s game and he will have to do something to make sure he hits the ball as hard as he did in the past.

Speaking as an expert on a television channel a few days ago, Bartoli said, “Rafael’s shots are just not that powerful anymore and thus, as an opponent, you are not hurried up.”

“If you have a look at the speeds at which he has been serving of late, it’s only around 115 miles which is not enough. It’s desperately needed for him to find that old speed from somewhere.”

When asked if she would still like to keep Nadal in Big 4, Bartoli said, “Well, the kind of game he is playing right now, I would definitely say no. But, what he has done in the past, you have to take that into account as well. He has been absolutely brilliant on the tour over a number of years.”

However, in the views of another former player Pete Sampras, Nadal’s struggle at the moment is more mental than anything else.

In Sampras’ words, “Nadal appears to be anxious when he steps onto the court these days. He is not confident enough and thus, his intimidating capability is slowly fading. The players are now not afraid to take him on.” Read more »

Marion Bartoli passing time in other Activities after Retirement

Marion Bartoli has indulged herself in various activities after her retirement from professional tennis.

She has been doing her designing work as well as commentating for a couple of networks.

Life is good for Bartoli at the moment.

Recently, she was in India to promote a marathon and she talked to a leading newspaper there.

In that interview, she was quoted as speaking, “I have been here in India a few times before and I have loved my time here. It’s a beautiful country. I haven’t got the opportunity to travel around that much, but, whatever I have seen, I have liked that.” Read more »

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