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Women’s tennis’ 7th ranked player in the world as well as the highest ranked French player in the WTA circuit, Marion Bartoli is extremely dissatisfied with the captain of the French team for the Fed Cup Nicolas Escude for leaving her out of the team that took out Slovakia in the Fed Cup tie held on the 4th and 5th of February.

Bartoli is currently playing in her home tournament of the WTA, the Open GDF Suez in Paris where she is the second seed after Maria Sharapova and according to sources; she is still fuming after being left out of the French squad.

Bartoli has been the top seeded women’s player for France for the last three years and her being overlooked for the Fed Cup team due to personal issues of the team captain has not been accepted by many former players as well.

Marion Bartoli has had a well documented bust up with both Escude, who was also a top professional during his time at the ATP Tour as well as the French Tennis Federation over the autonomous coaching set-up that they have there with her father, Walter and many believe that it was one of the reasons why the Federation did not object when Escude chose to overlook her for the team.

Bartoli, who was the losing finalist at Wimbledon in 2007 has vowed to her friends to reclaim the spot on the French team that she has lost where Escude has roped in inexperienced and undeserving players to cover for her. Although she is not in the best of forms this year, having been dumped out of the Australian Open in the early rounds, Marion Bartoli still has a lot to offer to the French team in terms of experience and title winning credential as well.